Buying a Triple Or Quadruple Stroller

Congratulations on your increasing family. Triplets or Quads take a very special stroller. There are several triple strollers or quadruple strollers to choose from.

Triple strollers are easily available. They tend to come in the tandem seat configuration with one child traveling directly behind the next. They look sort of like a group of kids playing train. Of course these strollers are more expensive than the one or two seat variety and fewer stores carry them without a special order. Don’t despair, parents looking for a quadruple stroller are the ones who will have a tough time finding a stroller to carry all four of their darlings.

Patents give the triple strollers high marks in maneuverability and the ability to fold easily and compactly. They also rave about the triple strollers’ durability. They do recommend that the children be rotated and allowed to sit in each seat sometimes to vary their view. And, they do caution to consider the amount of storage space available on each model. Three children require a huge amount of stuff. Ideally the storage area should be under the seats to maintain the stroller’s balance and stability. Some triple strollers have side storage as well, just make sure that each side is loaded with nearly equal weight to keep it from tipping.

Quad strollers apparently only come with two rows of side-by-side children. They are huge. As a matter of fact, parents complain that these behemoths do not fit through a normal sized house door and take up the entire storage space in a mini van. There does not seem to be much choice, though, as four kids are four kids.

Day care and preschools rave over the quadruple strollers they use saying that they are wonderful for taking many children on field trips. But, parents say they have trouble pushing the quad strollers, even on flat hard surfaces.

Not many manufacturers make the triple strollers and fewer still make the quadruple strollers, so there is not much shopping around a parent can do. You probably will not have a choice of color, for instance. Also, because of the tandem seating triple and quad strollers usually do not have as many reclining positions as do the single strollers.

However, there are a few important things to consider, with both the triple stroller and the quadruple stroller. The wheel and frame strength are crucial. With three or four children traveling together a major malfunction, such as losing a wheel, can really ruin your outing. Also check the brakes. Are they substantial? Are they easy to activate? Are they easy to release? These are important questions when working with multiple children.

The storage space, while essential is not crucial. With multiples, one might think that there would not be that much more stuff than with a single child. The stuff does not triple, it increases exponentially. A triple stroller should have ample space for all of everyone’s stuff, including Mom’s. Some parents with only three children opt for a quad stroller just to have enough space to carry everything the tykes need.

Congratulations on your increasing family. Just remember that you will not have as many choices in triple and quad strollers as will your friends with only one or two children. But, you will have some choice, just make sure the triple stroller or quadruple stroller you choose is sturdy and safe.