Hybrid Cars Or Electric Cars – 21st Century Travel

Cars powered by electric motors, with their lack of harmful emissions, are exceedingly better for the environment than internal combustion engines fueled with gasoline or diesel. But the range and speed of travel people have become accustomed to since the invention of the automobile requires vehicles of the 21st century to be powered by a propulsion system, whether engine or motor, with a quickly replenished energy source.

Cars powered by electric motors may not be physically tethered by their power cords, but with their limited amount of travel range per charge electric cars might as well still be plugged in. For those who only drive to work and local stores an electric car would be efficient. But if one should wish to go on vacation or to a family gathering, such as a wedding or funeral, to a destination over 100 miles from home the charge time of several hours could double or even triple the travel time of the trip. Finding a charge station for an electric car along the way is an added inconvenience. The cost of electricity used in charging the batteries of an electric car must also be taken into consideration: price per kilowatt hour replacing miles per gallon.